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Tamil Traditional Concept

tamilherbalmedicine.com treatments are based on “FIVE THOUSHAND YEAR OLD “ traditional way of treatments.

This traditional treatments are given by our own traditional “SIDDHAR’S”. Two thousand year old “THIRUKKURAL BOOK “ has the hints of traditional medicines.

Leaves, barks, basic components of plant are used for the preparation of mediciens. Based on the traditional method of preparation “ BEST QUALITY “ medicines are prepared in tamilherbalmedicine.com

We cannot compromise the quality.

Our motive is to give the best quality of medicine for all the people throughout the world.


Vetri Tablets
Vetri tablets work as an Herbal Supplimentry for fever Vetri tablets enhances Natural Immune power
Valai Tablets
Valai tablets work as an herbal supplementary for renal diseases. It enhances the naturals renal function.


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When I was introduced to Tamil Herbal Medicine I must admit I was skeptical at first. But within a few days i could see the results.


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Awesome products and services, I thank Tamil Herbal Medicine for providing such a wonderful herbal product as it has helped me to improve my overall health